Our agency has the capacity to hold an evening show of any size:
• Fire show
• High-altitude fireworks show
• Deep smoke
• Confetti 
When the floristics and design of weddings are thought over, first mudboards are made, and then sketches are drawn to help you orient yourself as to what your celebration will look like. These are the main elements that require floristry for your wedding:
• The arch for the ceremony
• Wedding table for newlyweds
• Guest tables 
• Decoration for stairs, swimming pools, ceilings, floor and etc.
• Guest seating charts and welcome desks

• Development of the concept and stylistics of the wedding
• Selecting a venue for the event.
• Selecting the menu for the wedding
• Development and writing a scenario plan, script, timing of the event, all necessary plans, schedules and estimates.
• Selection of all necessary wedding services: Photographers, videographers, make-up artists and hair specialists, entertaining program (Wedding design and decorations, Dj, musical groups, dancers, the hosts for the event, sound and lightening, special effects, confectionary, printing service)
• Development of technical documentation for the interaction of all services.
• The work of a personal organizer - project manager.
• The work of the necessary number of wedding administrators at the site on the day of the event (Guest coordination and meeting).
• Control over all contractors at each stage of preparation of the event and on the day of the wedding. 
Everything should be perfect at the wedding. To create a harmonious atmosphere, it is necessary to choose products that will fully meet the overall style of the celebration. Renting furniture for a wedding involves a large selection of various interior items:
  • tables
  • chairs
  • tableware
  • furniture
  • tents
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A country called Georgia is located among the breathtaking peaks of the Caucasus, on the Black Sea coast.

Georgia is a magnificent blossoming wonderland, combining all possible experiences and pleasures. Georgia is a cheer. It is a place where hospitable, unselfish people leave. It is a place of ancient traditions, incredible beauty of the sea, mountains and lakes.

If you like adventures, flavor, the peculiarities of national hunting and fishing, medicinal natural thermal baths under the sparkling starry sky accompanied with a glass of fragrant Georgian wine and hot shashlik, if you are a gourmet, come to this wonderland. Since ancient times, this country has fascinated visitors with it’s mind-blowing landscapes, centuries-old culture and interesting history
Since ancient times Georgia has been a country where eastern and western civilizations crossed and this has predetermined the diversity of culture. The history of Georgian writing has many centuries, it is ancient and one of the fourteen written languages around the world. Traces of Georgian ancient writing can be found in the inscriptions on the territory of architectural monuments.

Georgia is a country of unique experiences, a combination of ancient cultures and traditions, a variety of landscapes, subtropical and steppe climate. You can choose any type of recreation, you can relax on the azure seashore or arrange a hiking to the high mountains, visit the masterpieces of architecture and emerge into the ancient civilizations, stay in authentic villages and taste Georgian dishes.
This country will give you an emotional outburst. If you start to go on in this country, you will not want to stop and will like to come back at any moment.


The Georgian culture and Georgian wine emerge almost simultaneously, and since then they have been intertwined like a vine and a supporting column. Undeniable proof of this are the stones of the cultivated grape vitis vinifera sativa, found during archaeological excavations and dating back to the 7th – 6th millennium BC , as well as big clay jugs Kvevri for fermenting wine, which date back to three or four thousand years. Many etymologists believe that the very word “wine” comes from the Georgian word “ghvino”.
The Georgian way of making wine in Kvevri has no analogues in the world. This natural and environmentally friendly method was also evaluated in UNESCO by listing in the intangible cultural heritage. The way of making wine in such jugs is one of the most ancient in the country. A wine from them has a special taste.
On the territory of Georgia, wild vine varieties are common today as well. Since the 80s of the last century, the wild vine has been listed in the Red Data Book of Georgia as an object of the governmental protection. In addition to wild varieties, more than 500 Georgian vine cultivars are described in Georgia, from which about 430 are protected in various public and private vineyards.
Rtveli is the true soul of Georgia. This is an ancient vintage feast – a dramatic and important event, in which both local residents and guests from other countries take part.
They press the grapes by an ancient grandfather’s manner, with feet in “satsnekheli”, a special wooden tub with a hole from which the juice flows into a special vessel. But the main thing during the feast is of course a long tableful with delicious shashliks, khachapuri, and last year’s wine, which flows like a river. Those who want to relax in wine estates, enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains, get acquainted with the methods of making and technology of Georgian wines, relax at the wine spa in the Kakheti paradise, should simply choose a place.
The lovers of Georgian wine in Georgia will find a lot of small wine cellars and bars where they can taste unique wines from small winemakers, enjoy ancient Georgian dishes and even receive as a gift a book of Georgian national cuisine.


“The guest is given us by God”, Georgians say, when opening the doors of their houses and inviting guests to the table. Georgian cuisine is a whole art: it’s is ancient, accurate, laborious, beautiful and certainly delicious.
Probably, there is no person in the world who does not know about khachapuri in the cooking. There is no single cooking recipe for khachapuri. In every province of Georgia this delicious and very interesting dish is prepared in its own way. And this is it’s appeal. Khinkali is a Georgian national dish. This is very likely the dish that the whole world knows.
Khinkali is an invention of the inhabitants of the mountain regions of Georgia. The best khinkali is done in Khevsureti, Pshavi and Tusheti. It is believed that eating khinkali is the same as drinking Georgian wine. Meat in Georgian cuisine plays a special role. Georgians are people who do not have any traditional or religious restrictions in choosing meat for cooking their favorite dishes.
Cheese in Georgian cuisine plays a special role. Georgians are people who do not have any traditional or religious restrictions in choosing meat for cooking their favorite dishes. Vegetables on the Georgian table occupy a special place. It is simply impossible to imagine a tableful without them. Boiled and baked, fried and stewed, pickled, salted and raw … And all this gives, in combination with a variety of sauces, thousands and thousands of recipes and dishes that simply cannot be judged otherwise than the top-class.


Georgian folk music, existing more than 1500 years, amazes with a combination of eastern and western influences. The Georgian polyphony is characterized by a special voice technique and the use of close to each other tones. Usually men sing in Georgia. A typical Georgian song is performed in three voices.
Entertainment, shows and feasts of the ancient times were accompanied in Georgia by songs and dances reflecting the labor and struggle of the people, their material and spiritual life. It is not in vain that the Georgians were born with a song and buried it with a song. Georgian folk songs and dances are as diverse as the nature of Georgia and the way of life of the Georgian people. A multi-voiced Georgian song and full of grace and temperament, Georgian dances are highly artistic and realistic reflections of the people’s thoughts and feelings.